5 things to walk to in Historic West End


Just one mile from Uptown, Charlotte’s Historic West End is the home to some of the city’s oldest African American neighborhoods. Many of these communities are also known for being some of the oldest racially integrated neighborhoods in Charlotte, according to the Historic West End Partners.

Since 2010, Historic West End communities have joined in the national urban housing trend that favors walkable areas close to the center city. Historic single-family neighborhoods such as Biddleville, Smallwood, Seversville and Wesley Heights promise a diverse and lively living experience to new and long-time residents.

Through our Greenway Townhomes and Five Points Townhomes projects, Beauxwright’s vision is to create a cornerstone of the Historic West End community while enhancing this storied piece of our city’s fabric.

Are you ready to check out Historic West End? Here are five walkable places to get you started:

  1. Irwin Creek and Stewart Creek Greenways - A perfect place to walk, run or bike —  all on wide paved and gravel trails — this two-mile creekside greenway system runs from Ray’s Splash Planet, through Frazier Park and the Wesley Heights neighborhood, past the Phillip O. Berry Recreation Center, Bruns Avenue Elementary School and Seversville Park. The greenway also connects to a designated city bike route at 4th Street, perfect for two-wheel commuters.
  1. Blue Blaze Brewing in the 100-year-old Savona Mill - At the end of Stewart Creek Greenway, you’ll find Blue Blaze Brewing, the first tenant of the 100-year-old Savona Mill redevelopment project. Enjoy a brewery tour with a pint of craft beer here.
  1. Five Points Public Plaza - Due for completion in 2021, Five Points Public Plaza will include an amphitheater, water splash pad, public Wi-Fi, swings, tables and chairs, artwork and signage, solar lighting, brick pavers, sidewalks, irrigation and a decorative wall. A community-led team is already planning events at the plaza, including the grand opening festival later this year, which you won’t want to miss.
  1. Johnson C. Smith University - Founded in 1867, JCSU is a private liberal arts university with proud HBCU traditions and a future aimed at diversity. Rich in history and with an ambitious vision for the future, JCSU is a cornerstone of the Five Points area. Make sure you visit JCSU’s centerpiece, Biddle Memorial Hall, built in 1884. The oldest surviving building on campus, it features a clock tower and is decorated in the typical style of the Victorian Era.
  1. The Biddleville Community -  Built around JCSU, Biddleville is Charlotte’s oldest surviving African American neighborhood, dating to 1871. Today, the mixed-use Mosaic Village project and the JCSU Arts Factory are two of the university’s signature construction projects, and a new streetcar line scheduled to open by 2025 will once again bring prominence and investment to an area that has long been a showcase for African American prosperity in Charlotte.

Charlotte’s Historic West End is a must-see destination, just minutes from Uptown. Come take a look, and learn more about the community where a rich history is integral to the vision for an exciting future.

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