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The following is a transcript of a "BizWorthy" radio interview that was broadcast on 9/15/22 on WFAE:

Developer buys up more of Asian Corner Mall

By Marshall Terry

Developer Beauxwright has purchased another part of the Asian Corner Mall at the intersection of Sugar Creek and North Tryon. The developer already owns two parcels at the mall. That’s according to the Charlotte Ledger Business Newsletter. For more, WFAE's Marshall Terry talks to the Ledger’s Tony Mecia.

Marshall Terry: Tony, what portion of the mall has Beauxwright purchased, and what part did it already own?

Tony Mecia: Marshall, we're talking about the Asian Corner Mall, which is on North Tryon Street at Sugar Creek Road. It's been there for a while and sort of in disrepair. If you drive by, you'll see a bunch of potholes in the parking lot. There are some Asian-owned businesses in the mall still. But this is an area that's changing and developing in a lot of different ways. 

Beauxwright owns about four of the parcels of the mall. The ownership is a little bit odd in the sense that the mall and the parking lot are about 12 parcels. I talked to some of the leaders of the company a few months ago. They were a little bit coy about their plans as real estate developers usually are when they don't have, they're not ready to announce it yet. But they said they see this area as a hot part of town. There's a lot going in over there. There are apartments and townhouses. There's that new independent movie theater. So certainly an up-and-coming area.

Terry: Is this shaping up to be the new hot part of Charlotte?

Mecia: I guess I'd say there are a lot of hot parts of town. I think we talk about every week, you know, other things going up all over the place. You know, FreeMoreWest, the Freedom Drive area, SouthPark, South End, this area that's becoming known as LoSo, Plaza Midwood. 

I talked last week with Daniel Levine, who's proposed an apartment tower in Plaza Midwood. You know, some people are concerned about gentrification in Plaza Midwood and in other places. Levine told me, yes, that's a problem. But some of these neighborhoods have been changing for a long time. So, he has a longer view. But, yes, that's a long way of saying there are a lot of hot spots in town, but certainly the Sugar Creek area, I think, is one of them.

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