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Akhil Singh joined Beauxwright as a development manager in 2022, leading investments with a focus on sourcing capital and directing development and construction activities. His past experience in coordinating and implementing development strategies, as well as underwriting both residential and commercial opportunities, made him the perfect fit. Here he shares thoughts on development in the Charlotte region and beyond, his approach to building strong relationships in the field, and moments when his proficiency in four languages served him well.

You studied business/managerial economics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and then started in the field in Charlotte, focusing on mortgage and commercial real estate investments. What drew you to Beauxwright, and what ultimately made you decide to join the team?

My experience in commercial real estate lending and in executing development strategies left me with a desire to join the principal side of real estate. I specifically wanted to join a firm that is primarily focused within the Charlotte metro area and specializes in value creation through ground-up development. I was ultimately drawn to Beauxwright because of the company’s culture that became immediately apparent to me. A culture that emphasized entrepreneurship in which team members pushed each other to take calculated risks and pursue complex deals. I was excited by the opportunity to make an impact on Charlotte real estate, help grow an entrepreneurial team and build lasting relationships both internally and externally.

Beauxwright was built on the foundation of creating and cultivating long-term relationships. Why is this so important in what you do?

Creating and maintaining long-term relationships is an essential ingredient for success in our world. Being able to trust each other as a team and our business partners enables us to be more efficient, which in turn leads to increased productivity. Focusing on relationships rather than being purely transactional also makes the work we do more enjoyable and often leads to new opportunities that would otherwise not be available to us.

What about your job do you find the most rewarding?

Being able to lead projects that will contribute to Charlotte’s physical growth by creating new homes and economic opportunities for its residents. Beauxwright takes a holistic approach to every deal, and intentionally designs projects to address the needs of the surrounding area and not just what we think will be profitable. By keeping in mind the long-term impact of our work, we are directly influencing the future of the markets we have a presence within.  

You’re a Charlotte native. What has been most surprising to you about how the city has changed – or not changed – over the years?

Witnessing Charlotte’s transition from a secondary market when I was growing up to one of the biggest and fastest-growing cities in the Southeast has been exciting, and one of the main reasons that I got into real estate. Looking back on it, Charlotte’s growth over the last decade or so is not a big surprise given its central location along the East Coast, ease of access via a large international airport, temperate climate and relative affordability compared to larger metropolises. What does surprise me is how resilient Charlotte was during the pandemic, with new large employers continuing to move here and establish regional and global headquarters, existing employers expanding, and rental rates and property values continuing to increase at an above-market pace.

Do you feel that being “native” provides you with an advantage in your approach to the local real estate market?  

Having strong relationships is key to success in what we do, and being from Charlotte allows me to leverage existing relationships and find ways for us to work with potential partners. Being from Charlotte also makes our projects more personal for me as we contribute to the city’s growth.

You speak four languages (English, Hindi, Spanish and Urdu)! Did you grow up speaking all of them or did you study any in school or later in life? How often do you find yourself using them? Any helpful hints for someone looking to learn another language?

My grandad lived with my family while I was growing up and only spoke to me in Hindi. This combined with annual trips to visit family in India allowed me to become fluent in Hindi and Urdu. I started learning Spanish in school and was fortunate enough to supplement my learning in the classroom with daily conversations with our neighbors who had immigrated from Mexico. I stopped learning Spanish after graduating high school, but fortunately I was able to continue practicing it whenever I came home to visit from college and more recently with business partners in construction. The thing that helped me the most in learning new languages was speaking them as often as I could and accepting that I was going to make mistakes. Traveling to India and Spanish-speaking countries allowed me to communicate in Hindi, Urdu and Spanish the most and helped me learn the languages the fastest.

If you had to choose only five words to describe Beauxwright, what would they be?  

Creative, nimble, responsible, diligent, fun  

What advice would you give to your 20-year-old self?  

Try new things and don’t be afraid of failure. Look to make the most out of every experience even if it doesn’t seem worth it at the time. Spend more time practicing your golf swing.  

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  • Favorite restaurant: MILA (Miami, FL)
  • Beach or mountains: Beach
  • Favorite day of the week: Saturday
  • Call or text: Call
  • Favorite hobby: Traveling
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